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Interested in joining our team?

The 2018-19 season has already started but we might have space for a couple more part-time players. Fill out the contact form below and we’ll see if we can squeeze you in.

2019-2020 season information is TBA. Fill out the contact form below to receive information when it becomes available.


We play in the United Womens Hockey League (UWHL), which has around 25 teams in three skill divisions. We have a team in each of the three divisions and have players at all levels: from beginners to former college players. The furthest games can be two hours away, but they are usually about thirty mins northeast of the city. 


The first practices are new player evaluations during mid-September. We start games the first weekend in October and playoffs are in mid-March. We practice Monday nights at 7:50 PM at the University of Pennsylvania and games are Saturdays and Sundays, both home and away. 

Full-time vs. Part-time Players

We offer two pricing options for our players.

A full-time player can play in any of their team’s 15-ish games per season, as well as the 18-ish practice or scrimmage slots. Costs for the team depend on how many players we have, but last year they were about $700 for the season. 

A part-time player will be be paying-as-you-go, filling in when a team doesn’t have enough players for a game. We won’t be able to guarantee that you’ll be playing in a game every time you are available. Last year part-time players paid $30 a game.

We also have practice-only and scrimmage-only options. Last year part-time players paid $20 per practice or scrimmage.

I’m interested!

To be notified with information about next season when it becomes available, please fill out the contact form below. 

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We like it when you use the contact form above, but it it’s been a few weeks and you haven’t heard back from us you can email us directly at